Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Brunch

I first wrote Breakfast in the title but it s hardly morning anymore is it lols I finally slept a full night!

Usually Sunday mornings are non-raw breakfast, i make healthy breakfast with eggs or crepes with cheese and vegetables and fruits and such, I do this less and less because as i'm changing my habits, i'm having problems digesting those kind of breakfast and it s worse if I go to the restaurant I just can't stomach what they use to cook anymore.

In any cas,  I didn't feel like making anything so i made something with buns somebody game me, normally I would have gave it to someone but hey why not just one time.

The thing is I hardly eat bread anymore it taste like paper to me now, anyway, so I simply toasted those buns added honey and topped it with parmesan cheese with also something I almost drink only during the weekend, coffee. It makes no difference of course but this coffee is Nespresso coffee i like dulsao brazil. Bad for all the alkalinizing part of the raw lifestyle but I like it once in a while, and you're talking about someone that used to drink at least 6 to 7 coffee a day! lols Now usually drink Coco Chai Rooibos from David's Tea with a bit of almond milk (or not), in the afternoon it is delicious!, all spicy and stuff.

Just so you know, i'm not advertising anything, but I like people to see what i'm talking about, have a nice day everyone!
Hihi, couldn't resist, she let me take a pic again!,
she must know it's for Internet!hahah!

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