Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vegetable Juice and how I do it

What i used

Anis, about 1/3 cup
1 apple
1 big branch of celery with leaves and all
2 colored betts
3/4 of an English cucumber
3 big carrots
2 big leaves of Collard greens
2 thin slice of jalapano
half a ice cube of ginger juice (in the receiving container)
1 lemon without skin
1 cup of cilantro
1/2 cup of dill
3 leaves of mint

Taste: sweet (probably because of the betts and carrots), I added a bit of hot sauce after because didn't taste the jalapano, it's ok though because last time i put way too much! lols


So first of course you prepare your ingredient for processing, the key is to prepare everything even what you'll need to strain, clear the counter, prepare for washing after (I put a drying cloth on half of the top of the stove for after I wash the juicer), place your choice of juicer. I used a slow juicer for this one because of the dill and cilantro, the faster ones, like Breville, doesn't process leaves, it just chops it.  

Slow juicer

Then you put the ingredients and alternate specially after you put leafy greens and thing like cilantro and dill (as you see in the picture, I chopped the ingredients a bit because the slow juicer requires it, it doesn't matter with a Brevile you can put whole apples or carrots or whatever, providing the opening permits it)

This is what it looks like after i put everything in the bowl, if you look closely at the picture, you can see you end up with a tiny bit less then 4 cups of liquid. 

You can use the left overs for making soup,  crackers or compost.

If you plan on making crackers you should put one kind of vegetable at a time and put aside, lets say carrots, that way you have more control over what your cracker will taste like. Sometimes I put onions in my juices, you can be sure your crackers will taste like onions whatever else you put in it! lols

Word of advice: clean everything BEFORE you drink you juice because you will not want to clean up after and then you'll end up saying that it's a pain to do juicing ;o)

I decided to strain it but if you do not use a slow juicer you don't need to. I don't have to strain it but i prefer vegetable juice that way.

I usually drink all of it, but if you really want to keep it put it in a mason jar with a plastic lid, fill to the top so that there is no air. Here you can see that after putting some of it in a 500ml jar I have 12 ounces left for my glass :o)

I would never drink a juice more than the day after, I know there is alot of opinions on the subject, I just feel the longer you keep it the less you get of the good nutrients, plus i've put an apple and it oxidize rapidly unless you put lots of lemon. I have made juices the night before for the next day at work and in the morning for the same purpose and I tasted the difference, call me creasy I don't really care :oP

And the super results

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