Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thick Green smoothie with Orange Juice

So nothing too exciting today except i felt like having a robust smoothie this morning.  I was planning on juicing my fruits but decided to put everything in the blender.

Now, I DON'T have a Vitamix (bouhouhou!), but I will some day, until then I chop the ingredients oranges, celery (didn't put any in this but you could) and apples pretty small to help my regular blender do the job. I have a brand called Cuisinart and it's doing a fairly good job I must say.

But if you DO have a Vitamix (I hate you, no I don't sorry, lols) this will go smoothly, pun intended XD


1 medium orange
1 apple
1 big hanfull of mixed greens
1/4 cup of freshly chopped parsley
1/4 cup of freshly chopped coriander (don't put any if you don't like, maybe put 2 leaves of mint? your  choice)
half of a big banana
1 tablespoon of date paste (or 2 dates, if dried dated, let it soak a bit before putting in)
1 tablespoon of chia
1 teaspoon of grinded flax seed
1 teaspoon of grinded buckwheat (mine was spouted and dehydrated, you don't have to put any, I was just going with the inspiration of the moment, lols)
a pinch of cardamom (I don't like much that stuff so I put a tiny pinch, but for those who love the taste, fire away)
1 cup of filtered water (more or less depending on the consistency your are looking for)

As you can see there are bits and pieces, if you have a high speed blender it's going to be nice and smooth :o)

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