Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fruit Kéfir (with water)

 Hi all, I went to a class about Kombuha and fermentation at Crudessence in Montreal (Qc, Canada) and we tasted also something called Kéfir which you can find plenty about on the Internet. I'm not talking about milk Kéfir but water Kéfir.

I was very impressed on how it was highly refreshing. It has many properties, like helping with digestion, but the cycle of fermentation is interesting also. After 24 hours it's ready but kind of laxative but after 48 hours probiotic properties  emerges, very very interesting. I left mine for 3 days and then one days with the twist cap on and then hop in the fridge.

Other tip put the kéfir in a tied cheese cloth so it doesn't get 'lost' in the mix because you can try to find what is dried fruit and kéfir after, just like I did! lola

I'm really proud of it, very good. Here is the recipe I followed:


1 big 2L glass container
1/3 cup of agave, sucanat or other natural sugar, none of that processed sugar (that means no white sugar)
1/ cup of Kéfir (sold in the health food stores)
7 cups of filtered water (or  a tisane or fruit juice, I made mine with filtered water)
4 dried figs (abricots, dried raisins or other dried fruits, preferably bio cause you don't want to ferment the chemicals present in other kinds of dried fruits)
1 lemon sliced and half an orange or other kind of citrus (also better bio for the same reasons)

(better to melt the sugar with the water before putting everything else) Put everything in the glass container
Fill with filtered water
Cover with a non hermetic cover or a clean fabric (you have to be able to breathe through it))
Put in your cupboard far from the light.

When the figs stay on the surface it's done (about 24 hours, but like I said it's laxative after 24, after 48h  more probiotic)

Filter everything through a plastic filter (nothing metal), trow away the dried fruits
Recuperate the kéfir grains (because you can use it again)
Press the citrus to take out juice
Rinse kéfir and put in a small container with a it of the beverage and put in the fridge (or use right away for another batch)

Note: I decided to put strawberries with the other fresh ingredients, and for the dried fruits I added goji berries and white mulberries.

Note2: I already started my other batch, and this time I used only lime and lemon and about a bit more then 1/8 cup of fresh fennel, one leaf of mint and 2 melissa leaves. I'll let you know how it goes.

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