Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kimchi, Salad on the Side (approved by the committee)

In the back, 2nd batch of Kéfir, way more
 strong with the lemon, superb fizz, delicious
with vegetable juice/green juice
Hi all, I had mentioned in a previous post something about making Kimchi. Unfortunatly I had already started when I remembered to take pics :o( sorry. During the process I got hungry so I made a salad that Peanut and Lulu found acceptable to look at ;o) - Notes: Read instruction, This is spicy

Chinese cabbage (the link shows napa but there is another one also I think) -1 big, cut in trips (you can do it, but regular cabbage doesn't taste the same, you end up with spicy pickled cabbage, your choice)
50g sea salt
1L of warm water (room temperature)
Just tasted it yesterday, wow very good, very spicy
I put only 1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper - be warned lola
1 daïkon julienned
1/2 teaspoon Cayenne
5 green onions finely shopped
2 cloves Garlic
1/4 cup (5cm) fresh ginger (or to taste)
1 to 3 table spoon crushed red pepper
2 tablespoon Agave (I put maple sirup)
1 teaspoon Roasted sesame oil

You can add what ever else you want (even fruits)


  1. Cut cabbage (washed) and massage with salt
  2. Mix with other ingredients and stuff vigorously a glass container (like Masson)
  3. Ferment for 3 to 6 days (or more) a room temperature (just put the lid on top don't twist it yet -

Taste after a few days, when you like it close the lid and refrigerate, for for a couple of weeks or even months depending on how long you let it ferment.

Yum! baby arugula, baby spinach, portobello
mushrooms, black olives, strawberries
ground cherries, pecans, capers with sunflower oil, sesame oil,
ice vinegar, tamari, lemon dressing, pepper, sea salt

Yep mom, go ahead

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