Monday, May 20, 2013

Wheatgrass juicing

 It took me 5 times to be able to grow my own wheatgrass, I ended up with 3 trays like this.

I decided to tryout my Hurom to juice it and I took only one tray and mixed it with cucumbers and celery. (there is no fruits in the juice, forget about those you see in the pics, lols).

Wheatgrass has a potent taste that not everybody likes, also it's very powerful and should be taken a little bit at the time to let your body get used to it. Start small like with 2 ounces and with time you can have more.  The celery gives it a nice taste too.
Ok now first my opinion on the juicing part of it, i usually do it with a manual machine but read and was told the Hurom ou could do the job. I don't know what model was in the videos I watched on youtube but the Hurom is NOT a good choice for this unfortunately. It gets stuck in the machine even if you cut it which I didn't want to do.

There you go (this is a 4oz glass, start with 2 ounces)

 I put the result in 14 ice cubes tray (minus 4 ounces).  Now i'll put one in my smoothie each morning and get the benefit each day!

I really don't have time to juice this stuff each morning but if you have time it's better to do it.  You loose the benefits of wheatgrass pretty fast.

I know there is some in powder, liquid, ect.  but this is the way I prefer to do it and I think you loose less of the properties compared to the others. Again my opinion ;o)

No, you're not serious mom, you're going to drink THAT!!

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