Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Time Peanut Butter (and peanut and pecans butter)

Peanut Butter
Now I couldn't wait to try to make peanut butter in the V machine, I saw people do it in videos but nothing beats living it!

It is absolutly increadable the time it took me to make this -
2 whole minutes!!!

What you need: peanuts, that is it, you start at level 1 and right away speed up to 10, use the pusher to bring the peanuts down. after a min the noise of the machine changes, after that as soon as you see the butter go smoothly through the blade stop (like really right away)

The recipe in the V book was for 3 cups of peanuts to make
2 and half cup of peanut butter but I didn't want that much so I did half and put it in a lovely jar (and added a tiny bit of honey - i know, not a raw ingredient - and should have put more).

I wanted to try this so much that I got myself some bread, which I don't indulge very much in. But i'll be hunting down no gluten bread i'm telling you, hahahah!

So that was last week, I gave some to my friend, hahaha she absolutely loved it and that is putting it mildly hhihi, you know who you are!!! :o)

Yesterday I wanted to make some more but realized that I didn't have enough peanuts (by the way I used plain peanuts, no salt, no nothing, the book calls for non salted roasted peanuts).

Then I thought pecans! I have to say I don't remember the portion of pecans versus the peanuts but there is more peanuts then pecans.

Peanut and Pecans Butter
OMG I added a bit of honey (i know, not raw ingredient) in the jar after the deed was done. I think I prefer this!!!

So so so good!

Next time, Almond Butter, I want to see what the fuss is all about.

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